About Made Mellow

Made Mellow is your one stop shop for all things self care.

It is about slowing down.

It is about helping you prioritise looking after yourself.


Our self care bits n bobs include essential oil products to soothe both the body & mind and yoga props & meditation aides that encourage peace within and groundedness in what has become a fast-paced world.

Made Mellow products have been mindfully created for your mindful use, to give you a moment here or there in your busy day to take a breath and be present in the here and now.

Handmade with love and care, Made Mellow products are organic, favour locally sourced ingredients, are cruelty free, vegan, all-natural and environmentally friendly. All products come in recyclable packaging and all ship in bio-degradable padded bags.

Stop sprinting. Slow down. Make yourself mellow.

About Lou

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I’m Lou, the face of Made Mellow and a country girl living in Brunswick East. I absolutely love Melbourne – but find living in the chaos of the city a continuous balancing act.


My wellbeing is of huge importance to me and for this reason, I find myself drawn to all things that come under the new age term or buzz word of ‘self-care’. I’ve also always been super interested in the human mind and mental health, which led to me becoming a Psychology secondary school teacher and later, a yoga teacher. Yoga has been the grounding force in my life and has got me through many a tough time and life challenge (and I do mean many!). I have loved sharing this practice with others; but I wanted to do even more for my community.


In comes Made Mellow…… which has become my way (or another way) for me to share this enthusiasm for looking after ourselves, even in the smallest of ways.


All of my products have come from being of use in my own life – I am my very own test dummy!! And I just so hope that I can add value to the lives of the people in my community by reminding them to put themselves first occasionally too.


Self-care is not selfish! It is vital!