The Bread and Butter of Yoga (1st timers)

This session is more of a tutorial / break down of the most common yoga postures that you will find in almost every flow class you come across. We will run through what I think of as the bread and butter of yoga postures, stopping and starting often to focus on proper alignment so that you will be better equipped when you take your first flow class. If you have never done any yoga and find the thought of it daunting, then this is the class for you! Suitable for all body types and ages - have a crack! Have a cushion handy and make sure you set up some relaxing music in the background. Welcome to the world of yoga!! This is as good a time as any!


Beginner Flow

This 25 minutes beginner friendly flow is perfect for a morning practice to wake the body up and get us moving. This being said, it would be equally as beneficial as an after work flow to stretch everything out after a long day. We will run through some short sun salutations and focus on using our breath with movement to centre ourselves and create length in the spine. No props necessary, just some relaxing music to flow to.


Intermediate Flow

Join me in this 40 minute intermediate flow where we will focus on twists to detoxify the body and work on improving posture. The perfect remedy for sitting at a desk! No props necessary unless you usually practice with blocks. And don't forget to pop on some of your favourite tunes.


Bed Yoga

Wind down with this bed time session to carry you into a restful sleep. Designed with a special focus on calming the nervous system, this 25 minute, totally beginner friendly sequence draws on restorative yin postures to slow things down and help you drift off. 


You won't need any props other than a pillow or two. Please set up your space as if you are ready for sleep. Perhaps putting on some relaxing music in the background, popping on a soft lamp and get into your comfiest jimmy jams. Enjoy my loves.


Mindfulness 101 audio(1st timers)

This mindfulness exercise if for those of you that are unfamiliar with the concept of mindfulness. I will explain what it is, why we do it, how to set up your space and important things to know and remember before diving in. ANYONE can do mindfulness and it is much more accessible than classic forms of meditation. Following my explanation/intro, join me for a short 10 minute exercise (trust me, time vanishes!!)

IMG_20200518_185950_015 (1).jpg

Yin Yoga 

This 40 minute, beginner friendly yin class is the perfect way to wind down in the evening. We will use our breath, body weight and gravity in extended holds to allow us to open up more. I'll spend a few minutes at the beginning helping you set up your space and find things around your home to create make-shift props for the session. So rug up, chuck on some relaxing music and get ready to melt / shake off the day. Hope you enjoy.

Ball and Release

Using a ball to get deeper into our tight spots can be as rejuvenating as a massage. It's a great addition to all the stretching we already do in yoga. Or it's great to add in even if you don't practice yoga. For this 25 minute class you will need a ball (a tennis ball does a great job), a chair and a wall. We will focus on our hammies, glutes, back and neck.

Intermediate flow #2

This 38 minutes flow is perfect for those of you have have done a little yoga before. The focus of today's class in particular, is using shapes that help us get into our hamstrings, but is also a great overall stretch for the body. As always, feel free to pop on some music. No props needed today unless you wish to sit on a cushion for the beginning of the class. Enjoy (and apologies for the little burst of noise about 3 minutes in... the joys of working from home in a 1BR apartment with another person)!

Before bed breath and movement

This 28 minute movement session is super gentle and has a specific focus on breath work and fluid body movements to shake off the day and stretch out/soften our tired muscles before bed. This one is perfect for all levels and is exactly what the doctor ordered if you're feeling a bit tight but don't feel like anything too strenuous. No props needed unless you usually practice with blocks. Enjoy!

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